Research Associate/Research Scientist (RA/RS)

Location: Boston, MA


The RA/RS takes the role of senior statistician on proposals, protocols and study teams, including writing statistical sections of proposals/protocols and contributing to the overall study design; preparing statistical analysis plans, data monitoring plans, and interim and final statistical analysis reports; and if applicable, presenting to data monitoring committees or DSMBs.

Duties and Responsibilities

The RA/RS is expected have expertise in a well-defined area of collaborative research. As such, the RA/RS should demonstrate a firm understanding of subject-area knowledge (e.g., cancer, HIV, TB, pharmacology, etc.) in the chosen area, in order to efficiently and expertly collaborate with clinical and basic scientists on research studies.

The RA/RS is expected to have an excellent understanding of statistical issues, for one or more type of study (clinical trial, observational, nested case-control, biomarker, diagnostic) and, if relevant, for one or more phase of clinical trial (I, II, III, IV, dose-finding). The RA/RS should have knowledge of statistical issues relevant to the objectives of the trials s/he is engaged in (e.g., HIV treatment, pharmacology, dose finding, pediatric TB treatment, diagnostics).

The RA/RS is a key author on manuscripts. In addition, the RA/RS takes the lead on manuscripts from self-initiated concept sheets using existing databases, design papers, self-initiated methodologic papers, etc.

The Senior RS and Principal RS take progressively more leadership roles at Frontier Science, or projects in which Frontier Science plays a major role (IMPAACT or ACTG), or for the research community (nationally or internationally). For example, by:

  • Serving in a leadership capacity for Frontier Science.
  • Mentoring junior or new hire statistical, epidemiological, or programming staff at Frontier Science.
  • Mentoring junior members of research teams in developing research proposals (CAPS, K awards, DACS/NWCS or other manuscript preparation).
  • Participating in scientific committees of major networks (e.g., as a representative of the statistical group).
  • Taking a leadership role on Frontier Science or Project committees.
  • Presenting at national or international scientific meetings (either statistical or subject area- related).
  • Participating in expert panels, task forces, WHO expert consensus workshops.
  • Co-authoring the writing of proposals for major grants and contracts and serving as co-investigator for new areas of interest to Frontier Science.
  • Serving on student dissertation committees or mentoring fellows.

Reports to: Director of Biostatistics

Required Qualifications and Experience

  • Doctoral-level degree in biostatistics, statistics or closely related field.
  • Experience with major statistical computing packages, such as SAS and R/Splus.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including scientific writing.
  • See additional qualifications and experience differentiated by position below.
Position Additional Qualifications and Experience
Research Associate Evidence of potential for self-initiated or collaborative scholarship.
Research Scientist Minimum of 2 years of experience after receipt of doctoral degree.
Evidence of ability to excel in scientific research.
Significant contributions to refereed publications.
Senior Research Scientist Minimum of 7 years of experience after receipt of doctoral degree.
Demonstration of leadership in scientific research.
Continued significant contributions to refereed publications.
In addition, participation in scientific societies, committees, and review groups at the national or international level is highly desirable.
Principal Research Scientist Minimum of 11 years of experience after receipt of doctoral degree.
Excellence in directing scientific research projects and research staff.
Continued significant contributions to refereed publications.
Widely recognized for achievements and seniority.

Email resume/cover letter to and include ResAssoc_20190308 in the subject line.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status.