New President Brings Academic and Research Experience to Frontier Science

Since its inception, Frontier Science has always viewed its statistical data management services as a collaborative effort, helping researchers and investigators understand and best utilize the data that they are using. As part of this commitment, Dr. Michael Bretthauer brings a diverse academic, research, and publication experience into Frontier Science’s core management.

About Michael Bretthauer

Dr Michael Bretthauer

Dr. Bretthauer has two decades of experience in leadership, clinical work, research, and medical publications, with a focus on internal medicine and colorectal cancer.

After completing an internship at Telemark Hospital in Skien, Norway, Dr. Bretthauer worked as a physician on the Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention Trial (NORCCAP) from 1998 to 2001. In 2000 and 2001, he also acted as the head for the NORCCAP endoscopy center. After completing residencies at Telemark Hospital and Oslo University Hospital, Dr. Bretthauer has continued to work as a gastroenterologist and endoscopist specialist at Oslo University Hospital.

In addition to clinical work, Dr. Bretthauer completed his Ph.D. fellowship at the University of Oslo in 2003. Since then, he has been a visiting scientist and researcher at the Harvard School of Public Heath, the principal investigator of the Nordic Initiative on Colorectal Cancer (NordICC), the head of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Group of South-East Norway, and the head of the Network for Clinical Effectiveness in Gastroenterology of South-East Norway. Dr. Bretthauer is currently a tenured Professor of Medicine at the University of Oslo.

Dr. Bretthauer is credited with over 170 publications and has a strong interest in promoting quality scientific information dissemination. In addition to teaching and supervision for the next generation of medical researchers at the University of Oslo, Dr. Bretthauer holds several editorial positions with prominent medical publications, including the Annals of Internal Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Better Data Dissemination

Dissemination of data and research is one of the most important steps in improving medical practice.

“The whole reason we do research,” Dr. Bretthauer said, “is to improve patient care. A prerequisite for change in practice is dissemination. Analysis is just the first step.”

As part of his work with the Clinical Effectiveness Research Group at the University of Oslo, Dr Bretthauer has arranged several courses in medical publishing. This work focused on developing and improving techniques and strategies for writing and illustrating information, and keeping publication in mind during the early stages of protocol development and throughout.

“Methodology development, dissemination, and data sharing facilitation are new and exciting areas I want to guide Frontier Science into,” said Dr. Bretthauer. “With Frontier Science’s existing in-house expertise, working with collaborators on the presentation of clinical trial and observational data is the next logical step.”

New Directions

While Frontier Science will retain its current emphasis on partnership and collaboration with researchers, Dr. Bretthauer hopes that his direct experience in clinical practice and research can help guide Frontier Science in new and exciting directions.

“I view Frontier Science’s role in research and industry as making clinical research easier and providing creative solutions to complex data problems,” Dr. Bretthauer said. “While Frontier Science is already well known for its high-quality collaboration, statistical, and data management services, there are still new ways that we can help contribute and improve the quality of clinical research and science.”

An example that Dr. Bretthauer gave is medical device manufacturing. As governing agencies develop regulatory frameworks and standards for medical devices, manufacturers will find new challenges trying to collect data on the effectiveness of their products.

“I think,” Dr. Bretthauer continued, “this is a good example of a field where Frontier Science’s existing expertise in data collection and management can help make real and beneficial contributions.”

Continuing What Frontier Science Does Best

Frontier Science has several decades of clinical trials and statistical and data management experience, and Dr. Bretthauer has made clear that those areas will remain its core focus. Frontier Science will continue to be committed to providing reliable and collaborative statistical and data management services and techniques that enable researchers and investigators to have better data and produce better science.

Outgoing Frontier Science president Gregory Pavlov, who will be retiring at the end of 2017, is excited to see how Frontier Science will evolve under Dr. Bretthauer’s leadership. “I strongly believe,” said Mr. Pavlov, “that Michael is an excellent choice to lead Frontier Science now and into the future.”

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