Frontier Science Leadership and Development Announcement

Michael Bretthauer, Frontier Science Foundation President, has announced key features of a new business development plan for Frontier Science in the coming years that will maintain and develop current business platforms and areas, and explore and establish more diverse funding sources and collaborations. The first step in this future development plan is the establishment of a leadership structure to meet the opportunities ahead, including a new Executive Director.

New Executive Director

Sue Siminski

The current Director of the Amherst, New York office, Sue Siminski, has accepted the position of Executive Director of the Frontier Science Foundation. The Executive Director will oversee and manage scientific activities, including development of new activities of the Foundation and oversee select projects and initiatives. The Executive Director will work closely together with the Frontier Science COO Lisa Zdarsky, Comptroller Diana Sabra, and the President in a Core Leadership Team.

New Amherst Office Director

Marlene Cooper

Dr. Bretthauer has also announced that Marlene Cooper has accepted the offer to take over as Director of the Amherst office. Marlene is currently the ACTG/IMPAACT Director. She is a key employee of Frontier Science and has all the skills, expertise and knowledge to lead our largest office in the years to come.

Both Sue and Marlene will continue engagements in various projects in accordance with the Frontier Science policy of importance of hands-on activities of Frontier Science leaders.

These leadership changes will become effective October 1st, 2018. During a transition phase from September 1 to September 30, Sue and Marlene will work together, with help from the Core Leadership team and the Leadership Group, to make the transition as smooth as possible.