C3PNO Virtual Data Repository Search Tool Is Available For Use

The Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO) is pleased to announce the launch of its Virtual Data Repository. C3PNO is the coordinating center for NIDA longitudinal cohorts that represent a combined sample size of about 12,000 active and 20,000 historical participants. C3PNO links behavioral and biological data from cohorts spanning the United States and Canada that follow a diverse group of high risk HIV-negative and HIV-positive persons in and out of care.

Virtual Data Repository Search Tool

The Virtual Data Repository facilitates the sharing of clinical and behavioral data as well as biological specimens. Researchers can enter into the search tool their areas of research interest including demographic, substance use, sexual behavioral, and biospecimens collections, and find how many participants and specimens may be available from the C3PNO cohorts for new research. The search tool provides aggregate availability counts.

In collaboration with the cohorts, C3PNO will continue to expand the search options and amount of data available through the Virtual Data Repository. To try the Virtual Data Repository, go to www.c3pno.org/data.