Medidata Rave and Frontier Science Case Study: Remote Source Review

In May 2020, when Frontier Science suddenly needed to implement remote study monitoring, they turned to Medidata for a technology solution. Together they implemented Remote Source Review (RSR) in just four months.

Medidata Rave and Frontier Science Logos

Over the summer of 2020, a dedicated team started building user specifications and moving through interactive verification. They were in production with the first study and sponsor by mid-September. Additional studies were quickly added to the system, for a total of 33. Marlene Cooper reflects, “We implemented remote monitoring to address pandemic travel restrictions but quickly realized that we didn’t always need an onsite presence for monitoring. RSR became integrated into our normal workflow.” Broadscale implementation made RSR available to all 70+ sites internationally. The short term success of this effort has brought long term gains and improved workflow efficiency.

Download the full Case Study, May 2022, from

Carrie Fry, ACTG/IMPAACT DMC Associate Director, led and coordinated this effort with the DAIDS Monitoring Operations Branch (MOB) and the Medidata product team. The Frontier Science EDC build team worked on defining the study configurations, our quality team was heavily involved in the validation efforts, and our User Support team managed all the user access.

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