Providing vital research support in worldwide efforts to develop new therapies that save and improve lives

Founded in 1975, Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation provides innovative data management and analysis for clinical trials in a variety of disease settings throughout the world. Some of the significant advancements in the treatment of AIDS and cancer have resulted from studies in which Frontier Science played a major role.

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Who We Are

Frontier Science is a not-for-profit corporation that has gained an international reputation as a highly capable data management and statistical organization, collaborating with research networks, pharmaceutical companies and others in the design, conduct and execution of clinical trials and long-term observation studies.

Frontier Science has 250 biostatisticians, technicians and support staff in three locations in the United States, and European affiliates in Greece and Scotland.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Frontier Science is to collaborate with investigators and sponsors to conduct scientifically meaningful high-quality clinical trials, while advancing the application of statistical science and practice and data management techniques in science, health care and education.

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Recent News

Medidata Rave and Frontier Science Case Study: Remote Source Review In May 2020, when Frontier Science suddenly needed to implement remote study monitoring, they turned to Medidata for a technology solution. Togethe...
IMPAACT P1107 Team Presents First Known Case of a Woman with HIV Remission At CROI 2022, the IMPAACT P1107 protocol team reported the first known case of a woman with HIV remission following a CCR5Δ32 stem cell transplant ...

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